Bartonville Town Council Place 4

"Protect and Preserve Bartonville"

Bridget's Platform

Protect The Community


Bridget and her family moved to Bartonville for its rural, neighborly, and safe environment. 

There is nothing she and her family enjoys more, than to see the people of this great town riding horses along the rural streets, hear the faint echoes of the local farm animals, and visit with her friendly neighbors  on nightly walks. 

She is dedicated to keeping these very qualities that make Bartonville an ideal place to live. 

Her goal is to work with community and town council members to keep Bartonville friendly, welcoming, and prosperous, while preserving the current infrastructure and small town feel.

Preserve The Community


Bridget is dedicated to preserving and supporting safety and law enforcement policies, as well as assuring that the citizen's voices are heard in regards to current and future utility planning and zoning issues. 

She has spent a lifetime working with others to solve various issues, by first addressing their concerns, and then working towards solutions that benefit all involved. 

She brings a unique perspective and set of skills to the town council and you will see this displayed when she is elected. 

Her final goal is to protect the integrity of the town's history and preserve the unique, rural characteristics that make Bartonville desirable and family friendly.

Serve the Community


Bridget has a passion for serving others. She volunteers helping local PTSD veterans, suicidal teens and at risk adolescents. 

She also serves in our local schools and churches by offering educational seminars on parenting, school safety and the dangers of social media. 

Last, she and her husband have long been involved in the search and recovery of missing teens and young adults. 

For years they have worked hand in hand with various law enforcement agencies to serve in this way and look forward to continuing their involvement locally.


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